PM Membership Categories Global Membership
  Professional Photo Shoot  
  Advertised in Company Website and all listing Portals  
  UHD Video & Social Media Exposure and Newsletter  
  Designated Property management Representative  
  Property Price Evaluation  
  Tenant Screening  
  Customized Tenancy Contract and Documentation preparation  
  Standard Tenancy Contract and Documentation preparation  
  Lease management Renewals  
  Viewing for For Sale Units under management  
  Ejari Management Registration  
  Utilities Registration Assistant  
Asset Preservation  
  Move In / Move out Inspection & Condition Report  
  Detailed Inventory Report (If furnished)  
  Handles Tenant’s Complaints  
  Coordination with the Maintenance Company  
  Relation with the developer for handover and snagging  
  Defect and Liability period Handling  
  Building Management Coordination (Building Requirements Preparation)  
  Manage All Maintenance Work  
  Handles Community Service Charges  
  Cheques collections and deposits into Landlords Account  
  Bounced cheques Management  
  Arranging Miscellaneous payment on behalf of the Landlord  
  Handle Refunding Security Deposit to the Vacating Tenant  
  Quarterly Financial Reports  
Smart Apps Access  
  Landlords Smart App  
  Tenant Smart App